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Thread: AFA graded 12" Figure question

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    AFA graded 12" Figure question

    Does anyone know if all graded boxed afa 12" Figures are sealed? If something is graded say AFA 60 is it to be assumed that the box is sealed? Or is there a point where they can be boxed but with open tape? Same question applies to loose cellophane. If the cellophane is coming loose and still present can it still be graded or at that point is it considered for a U grade only?

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    If the seal is broken it would not be AFA 60. It would be encased and ungraded or it would have the Qualified grade or AFA Q60.

    I'm not sure how they'd treat loose cellophane. If it was off completely then probably the same. I think it would depend on how accessible the figure and accessories were.


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    Thanks Kevin. There is very little info as far as AFA 12 " figures. I am assembling a set. Most of my boxes are opened but the figures are still attached to their inserts. I wasn't sure if at any point in the afa boxed spectrum if they are grade able. It's hard to appraise these because most prices are for mint sealed or loose but these exist along a rather large spectrum of condition.

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