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Thread: Favorite Marvel Star Wars Pencilers

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    Favorite Marvel Star Wars Pencilers

    Hi, I'm new here, so please take it easy on me.

    Because my folks didn't let me see Star Wars until after Empire came out, the Marvel Star Wars books were the only way for me to see the characters in the story that started it all. I loved the artists for the movie adaptations but I'm curious to know which artists other SW fans liked from the rest of that series. My least favorite is Infantino (though I know I'm probably in the minority) and my most favorite is Ron Frenz. Anyone else want to share their opinion?

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    Howard Chaykin and Walter Simonson my favs
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    Howard Chaykin, Carmine Infantino, Al Williamson, Walt Simonson.
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    Completely agree with the above mentioned ^. Nice selections Mr. Scourge

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    Walt Simonson and Cynthia Martin.

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    Michael Golden, Al Williamson, Walt Simonson, Joe Jusko, Terry Austin and Frank Miller (he did some pin ups).
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    Simonson... love his art. But I was also a HUGE fan of his when he did his run on Thor.
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    Williamson, Simonson and Martin. Infantinos work looked too cluttered and DCish for my tastes.
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    Tom Palmer, Cynthia Martin, Al Williamson, Simonson..

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