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Thread: Prices coming back to earth?

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    Prices coming back to earth?

    So, are prices starting to come back down, or was c-3po just never that big a deal in the first place?

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    Back to earth is a relative thing, but given recent prices realized on AFA 90 12 backs, I thought these ended, * cough *, cheap - WARS DA...0/190864730547


    Considering Ebay attracts fewer eyeballs in the summer months, that these auctions ended in early July and at odd closing times might account for the "soft" prices.
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    It also helps when the seller isn't shilling the **** out of his own auctions!
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    Nope not going down. 3PO sells pretty low anyways.
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    We'll see fxtoys has some oddball stuff for sale, let's see if the crazy prices just follow them around. C3po is reasonable and there are still some others that are remaining low also. Whatever the bubble is, if it is, does not seem to be affecting ESB, rotj, and potf, but only time will tell.
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    There are a few MOCs I've seen up for sale for a little longer than I expected this past week, but it's too soon to tell if this current bubble has burst.

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    There are always variables. What sells for crazy money one day will sell for cheap, or not at all the next.

    I was watching an auction on the 4th that made me a little sad. If I had been able to afford it, I would have bought it myself. There was a listing for 32 figures, all but one complete. They seemed to be in nice shape. The price was 150.00. It ended without a bid. I've seen listings of the first 12 alone sell for more than that. It all depends on who is looking for what, and timing.
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    Sadly there are many more pieces going for crazy money lately then going for "normal" prices.

    I may be in the minority but I wish the bottom would just fall out of star wars and this stuff sell for next to nothing. I buy because I like it and not because the plan is to sell it, so the cheaper the better. It makes no difference to me if my once $2500 figure goes for $200 tomorrow. Hopefully this is just a slow rise in prices and it levels out. However my opinion is these prices will stay high for a while and come back down. I dont think the prices will be where they were prior to recent increase but they will come down some. But I think the prices of less then 6 months ago are done and we'll be paying a little more, just not as much as we might be paying today.
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    Its simple really, the 3P0 had a price sticker. People with deep pockets won't accept such a thing. I would venture that the 2500 dollar difference between the linked Vader and Han 12 backs was due to the price sticker as well.

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    good price for an afa 85 actually. I think C-3Po will get more expansive as he is one of THE signature characters, maybe most recognizable next to Vader. He will also appear in ALL Sw movies so I think you should better grab yours soon :-)

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