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Thread: Boxes to ship carded figures?

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    Boxes to ship carded figures?

    Where is a good source to get boxes to ship regular size carded figures?

    If I get the free USPS priority box then I have to use priority shipping. Since the figures weigh less than 13 oz it's much cheaper to do standard (Ebay provides cheap tracking and insurance) but I need my own box. I went by UPS but their boxes were around $3 which offsets any savings.

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    you can buy several sizes at Wal-mart for .48 to .68 that are great for carded figures .


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    My advice is to pay whatever it costs to ship it safe and charge that for shipping. I don't think I am alone in saying I will pay the extra for expedited shipping if it means getting the figure safer.

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    With the free 12x12x8 usps priority box (which is not a flat rate box, but bigger than any flat rate box), I use a medium flat rate box inside, both stuffed with peanuts. Average shipping on a single carded figure without insurance is $5.67, versus the $3 or so with an inferior box set up. You can get a whole lot of boxes off amazon with free shipping, too for about a buck or less (we don't have Walmart in SF), they are made by Duck and measure11.75" x 8" x 4.75", but these don't always survive on their own...

    If you are ebaying, most people don't mind a few dollars more for safe delivery...(don't be fooled by ebay's insurance. 1) it is rarely cheaper, 2) you the seller has to file, whereas usps will let the buyer file, so they can be paid directly)
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    Many retail stores, especially grocery stores, will gladly give you their product shipping boxes for free. Larger boxes are harder to come by, as people scoop them for moving to new addresses, but small to medium size boxes are usually plentiful, and a shipping box is often pretty sturdily made. Get one laundry detergent comes in, for example - those suckers are nearly bomb proof.

    Personally, I rarely have to go beyond re-using boxes I have received in the mail myself, and when I need something, I usually get them from work. Working in construction, the boxes used to ship material are way sturdier than the ones you buy at WalMart or the post office.


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    Thanks for the tip, I'll check out Walmart. I've only sold two things on ebay that warranted insurance, most things were in the < $10 range. For those two things ebay gives you the option of USPS insurance or "their" insurance. I had no idea what their's was so I didn't choose that.

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    Just follow Dennis advise and the carded figure will arrive the same way as described:

    * The shipping advise was using a plastic star case not an acrylic case .
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