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Thread: OT: Offering help at Crypticon Kansas City: August 16-18.

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    OT: Offering help at Crypticon Kansas City: August 16-18.

    Hello everyone,

    I will be attending Crypticon Kansas City in August and am offering to get items signed for you.

    The website for the con and guest list is here:

    The only Star Wars guest (well... sort of) at this point is Bai Ling, but there are many other great celebs attending.

    Here is the breakdown of how this is going to work. Make sure you read all the points before PMing me.

    1. According to the website, each guest sets their own rate, which usually runs from $20-$30. Unfortunately, no specifics can be given until I'm actually at the show, so I will have to assume every guest is charging $30. BUT, while I am at the con, I will keep a list going of which guests were actually less than $30, and send you a refund for the difference upon my return.

    2. If you would like me to simply pick up table photos, my personal fee is $5 per photo.

    3. I will accept send-in items. My fee for this is $10 per item, regardless if it's a photo, poster, or figure.
    On the FRONT of the send-in item, please place a sticky note indicating who you want to sign, any personalization requests, ink color, and where you want the individual to sign. On the BACK of the item, please include a sticky note with your name, address, email, and Rebelscum username.

    4. Shipping Policies:
    -If you only want me to pick up show photos, add $5 postage/packaging if you're in the United States, and $8 postage/packing if you're international.
    -If you send items to me, add the total amount that it cost you to ship the items to me to your overall total, so that I can ship the items back to you.

    5. All personal items must be to me by August 14 at the latest.

    6. In the event a guest cancels, or unforeseen circumstances prevent me from getting an item signed, I will, of course, provide a full refund.

    7. Tips to help defray associated costs for admission, gas, and other expenses are greatly appreciated, but by no means expected.

    *Summary of pricing*
    Your total will be $30 signing fee + either $5 for a show photo or $10 for a send-in + shipping fees.
    If the guest charges less than $30 at the show, I'll provide a refund for the difference in price.

    Please PM me as soon as you can if you would like to take advantage of this service.

    Thanks and Happy Hunting!
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    I forgot to mention that if you might be interested but either aren't positive yet or are waiting to sort things out, feel free to shoot me a PM anyhow.

    I'd like to get a general sense of what kind of interest there might be early on so I can plan accordingly.

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    For quick reference and convenience, I've put the guest list below.

    -Sid Haig
    -Bill Moseley
    -Tom Savini
    -Ernie Hudson
    -Tony Todd
    -Margot Kidder
    -C. Thomas Howell
    -Debbie Rochon
    -Lew Temple
    -Bai Ling
    -Fred Williamson
    -Richard Kiel
    -Josh Stewart
    -Kane Hodder
    -R.A. Mihailoff
    -Doug Jones
    -Tony Moran
    -Allan Kayser
    -John Carl Buechler
    -James Duval
    -Tiffany Shepis
    -Kevin Van Hentenryck

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    Tony Todd cancelled; Ken Foree has been added in his place.

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    I really hate to do this, but unfortunately I will no longer be able to attend this show due to family obligations that came up that weekend.

    On the bright side, no one has sent me items and/or funds at this point in time, so no one should have any reason to worry.

    I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. I hope to be able to attend Crypticon Minneapolis in September (smaller, but Billy and Corey Dee Williams and Stephen Costantino are attending) and will probably offer to help at that show if turns out I'll be able to attend.

    Thanks for understanding! Lock up the thread.

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