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Thread: Posters?

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    Hey all,

    Has anyone ever seen these posters before? And if so are they real and where can I get them?

    Thanks, Al

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    The middle print was a CV exclusive by Cat Staggs, limited to 250.

    Since this is not Vintage toy related I will move this to the Art subforum where hopefully you'll get the rest of your answers.

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    Thanks Mike,

    I wasnt sure where to post it.

    Thanks, Al

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    The print on the right is by Cliff Chiang, limited to 100 (retail $125).

    It was available for quite some time through ACME Archives (got mine at CV but it wasn't an exclusive). Recently, (within the last 6 months) it has sold out, unfortunately.

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    The Cat Staggs print was $50 retail at CV.

    The one on the left is just a poster (other two are art prints) and can be found at various place on the internet for cheap.

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