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Thread: A little help for a newbie please???

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    Question A little help for a newbie please???

    Hi everyone
    I'm only new to RS but am hoping some of you could give me some advise on a PayPal claim I have at the moment
    I won a few carded figures off eBay over a month ago, paid for them to be posted Priority International with tracking, now just waiting for my new additions
    Almost 2 weeks have past and no tracking number or marked as posted from the seller, I email him to find out and after a few days he responds saying items are posted First Class by mistake sorry but here is a customs number
    Over a month has gone so I let the seller know that they still have not arrived, don't hear back for a few more days then he says I should check with post office by this time I already have and still nothing
    I opened a dispute as the 45 days was almost up hoping they would arrive before I had to make a claim with paypal, I received a response from seller that they arrived, processed through our parcel centre and delivered and that I should ask my neighbours if they got them by mistake, I did but no luck so I opened a claim for items not received
    Now this is where I wanted to find out if this has happened to anyone else
    I got a email today from paypal saying they could not refund me my money until I provided proof that I returned the items to the seller? How can I return them if I never received them? I have emailed paypal asking the same question but I feel I am going to be out of pocket with no items at the moment
    Has anyone else ever got this kind of message about a claim?

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    Ask the seller to confirm your shipping address. I had an item recently shipped to the wrong address. Of course it showed as delivered. Luckily (1) the seller kept good records and was honest and (2) the wrong address was still in my town and I was able to retrieve the package. Good luck to you!

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    Call Paypal, talk to a person. Email doesn't get you far.

    Tracking to my understanding is rare on non-priority, so first class seems unlikely to be trackable. Paypal should help you out.

    If you paid with a balance, that's still winnable, but if you funded with a credit card you can contact Visa/MC and they have your back 100%.
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    Yeah SF1138 is right to call them, quicker resolution. First class has no tracking, just a customs form number. As soon as it reaches customs the number will just show that it's there. It will not show that it was delivered to an out of country location. Only way for it to have actual tracking is for it to be registed priority mail. If the items said that it was to be shipped priority and you paid for priority, then it is on him for not doing that. Unless he has lower feedback and really not dealt with international him saying it shows that it was "delivered", he's selling you a lie. What is his username? Would like to know if it is someone that somebody else has dealt with. Good luck but sounds like the guy is a little shady. First class mail might take a couple months if it gets held up at customs as they can hold the package for a while. BUT, he said delivered, so I would be skeptical.
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    Thanks for the advise guys. SF1138 you were right, a lot easier to call than email. I spoke to paypal, we went through the sellers and my communication and it was resolved in my favour in minutes. Glad its sorted
    Thanks again all

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