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Thread: 501st Cards?

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    501st Cards?

    Anyone still collect/trade 501st cards? With so many smaller garrison sets available now, it seems like more people are getting out of this area.

    I'm looking for a few specifics, so if anyone has any and could help me out, I'd appreciate it. See haves/wants below. Since I have little to trade (unless you want Galactic Files cards), I'd be more than happy to buy, too. Just make an offer.


    412 (J. Loomis)
    441 (C. Smith)
    455 (M. Torrado)
    471 (J. LaFortune)

    176 (R. Gatti)

    SL-9819 (H. Roten)

    Everglades Series 2:
    SL-6112 (S. Biers)

    044 (C. Mitchell)

    Northeast Remnant:
    SL-3405 (J. Silvers)


    069 (McLean Country Relay for Life)

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    I started to collect them, but of the 501 original cards I might have 40% of them. Not sure I will ever get all.
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