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Thread: Gentle Giant "Droid Factory" Padme Bust

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    Gentle Giant "Droid Factory" Padme Bust

    Had a lot of fun with this one although it was a piece I hadn't intended to make. I still have many customs planned and so I picked up an AOTC Padme to use for a Theed Battle custom. When I got it, I decided to repaint the face as a "test run" to make sure I could get a good likeness out of it. Part way through the custom, I decided to just go all the way and "complete" the bust by adding arms.

    I didn't alter the sculpt of the original bust at all, but just added arms to match. I decided to take advantage of the pose the bust was in and make it appear as if Padme is running through the Droid Factory, looking up at all the machinery. I then repainted it entirely and tried to have the colors more accurately match the film.


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    Man you should teach courses for some of the GG painters to learn how to paint a human character better. Amazing job.
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    whoa whats the scale on that, sorry not into GG. thats head would be great on a Hasbro figs if comparable
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    Huge thanks, everyone! From all the various customs I've done, I've come to learn that Gentle Giant usually has sculpts that range from being 90% to 100% accurate. Seriously, they do a phenomenal job. But sadly they just don't seem able to have the paint match the quality of the sculpt. I think the Clone Obi Wan is the best human they've probably ever done and I wish they would be able to duplicate that success again. Then I wouldn't have to make customs anymore!

    And REBELPURGE, unfortunately the scales are quite very different. GG busts are in the 1:6 scale and are much much larger than Hasbro's figures. Sorry!

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    Another great job you've done here, never really been a fan of this mini-bust so it's good to see one that's had more effort spent on it than Gentle Giant did..., never wanted this bust in my collection BUT I'd not object to your version making it into my display, superb craftsmanship skills you've got there!!!
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