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Thread: Price Check: ROTJ Clipper Chewbacca

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    Price Check: ROTJ Clipper Chewbacca

    I picked up an ungraded example and an AFA 85 example both with the same clipper sticker. Does anyone know a price range on these pieces? With foreign variations is it usually easier to trade than sell? I have a chewie focus and would love to trade it for a different variation. I really enjoy the discussion on these pieces, hope it sparks a good conversation. Thanks in advance!

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    Got mine last year for about $100...It was a Kenner USA ROTJ 48 back Chewbacca with a Palitoy distribution sticker affixed at the back and then a Clipper wrap around sticker slapped above it.

    You can just about make out the rectangular Palitoy sticker on the left side under the Clipper offer sticker

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