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Thread: WTB TCW Clone trooper ball joint heads (Ex. Rex, cody)

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    WTB TCW Clone trooper ball joint heads (Ex. Rex, cody)

    Hey all,

    Title says it all.

    WTB some TCW clone trooper ball jointed heads. Bought some figures, but they were all missing their heads. Ex. (Rex, Cody, Gree)

    I pay through paypal.

    Here is my feedback thread.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Bump, looking for TCW Aurra Sing as well.

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    Bump, looking for TCW Commander Gree's helmets.

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    Lieutenant Commander CommanderDestiny's Avatar
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    I have commander gree full and tcw riot clone full
    (when I say full I mean all bits)

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    Changed my want list. Interested in TCW fodder parts and pieces.

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    Looking for loose TCW clone trooper helmets.

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    Bump, changed want list.

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    Bump, changed want list

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    Bump, still looking.

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