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Thread: WTT/FT GG Brown Snake Yoda for your... (TRADED)

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    WTT/FT GG Brown Snake Yoda for your... (TRADED)

    Willing to trade for the Tri Logo Yack Face!!!

    Final price drop... otherwise I will be open to trades...

    Hey fellas! I have a GG Brown Snake Yoda in hand and I was wondering if anyone would like to buy/trade..

    I will sell him for $150 shipped in the U.S.

    Here is some things of interest to me...

    GG Fett Statue
    GG ESB Fett Bust
    Black Series Fett/Han Carbo SDCC Exclusive
    GG Jumbo Tri Logo Yack Face

    and more! I just cant think of everything right now...
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    Still have the BSY for trade... anyone?

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    Willing to add some cash... lmk please

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    Bump with purchase price.

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    bump with price drop and small list of wants

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    Bump up... willing to trade for a tri logo Yack Face!!!

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    I just ordered the CE2 Yakface. Not sure how long it will take to get it. I do have the POTF version coming from a scummer. I agreed to get the SDCC Walking dead bust bundle for him to trade. I wouldn't mind trading for your yoda. I got screwed by BBTS. They sent me the orange snake Yoda but the Bubble was badly ding up on it.

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    Its pending for the SDCC Fett/Han Carbo but he hasn't gotten back to me.. I will give it till Friday.. if he doesn't get back to me then we can do it. Will let ya know.

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    Traded for sdcc fett and hancicle black series.... please lock it up.

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