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Thread: offerless ESB 4 lom i turned up

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    offerless ESB 4 lom i turned up

    i turned up an offerless ESB 4 lom at a fair for $90 email me for a pic.

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    Or you can post pics here of your stories.

    I know we're supposed to be giving new guys a 'chance', but I just woke up to see four posts from this new guy, all claiming to have rare figures, and all wanting people to email him for pics. Scam alert.


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    i dont know how to post pics as i have an i phone. Is there any email here that I can post them to. and no none are for sale so they are not a scam, Ian

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    i am typing on a work computer the pics are stored on my I phone.

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    if u click on my profile a pic is there.

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    Is it 8:30 pm ?

    & different to this one
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    Email for picture..I thought it was a FS ad after reading this. I would like to see a picture. Welcome to the forums and just a heads up... its proper on forums to edit your post meaning you don't double and triple post in a matter of minutes.
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    oh ok. no dramas im still learning !

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    ive posted some pics ian to show you i have what im talking about

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    Post them up not just upload them. You do have some neat items.

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