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Thread: Pink Cape Lando General - Variation or Fading?

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    Pink Cape Lando General - Variation or Fading?

    I was sorting through my spare figures and found this (the one on the right):

    I know a prototype exists with a pink cape, but this is a production figure. Is this a legitimate variation or the result of fading?

    The pictures aren't the greatest, but the color is uniform throughout.

    I'm 99% sure it's not a repro.

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    That's very cool. It doesn't look repro at all as the stitching around the neck is perfect and the material texture looks dead on. I dont know how it could be fading without any discoloration to the figure itself as well. Where did you get it?
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    This looks like a colour inbetween your 2

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    Your pink cape lando is actually the way it should be and 100% real, his cape does have a slight pink tinge to it, it looks spot on to me and its the same as the 3 that i own, your one with the grey cape is the one thats off colour wise, and its probably faded, both are real.
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    Stiching and weave of cape look good on both so I think they are both legit but my opinion is one of them is discoloured and I'd say it was the one on the right. Also does the colour need adjusting in the photos as the blue background suggests the colour balance isnt correct.

    Cape colour should be close to the colour of the legs.
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    I wouldnt spend a premium on such a cape, FS or production doesnt matter. Reason is purple turning/fading into pink is so easy on all kinds of materials. Same goes for the stiching on this so that doesnt help much either.


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    The OP said it was a production figure not a FS.

    The cape in the picture above is very likely discolouration whereas the true pink cape on the Lando General first shot (like the one I own) is very light pink and could not occur because of discoloration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by olisuds View Post
    Cape colour should be close to the colour of the legs.
    Oli is right, the cape colour should be close to the colour of the legs but with a slightly 'silvery' sheen. Lando General is glamming it up!

    I don't know the repro capes well enough to spot any telltale signs... so I can't say whether yours is a repro or just a discoloured example.
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    I have noticed that the discoloured capes tend to go an orangey/peachy colour a bit like in the OPs picture. Possibly a similar type of reaction that you get with the Squid head capes where the brown pigment turns orange?!

    I'd say the one pictured on the rebelscum Archive is spot on colourwise.

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    I got it in a case lot with the rest of someone's childhood collection.

    I have several others, and they all look like the one on the left.

    I guess it's just fading!

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