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Thread: Masters Of The Universe Castle Greyskull toy help

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    Masters Of The Universe Castle Greyskull toy help

    Hi all, I've googled for an answer without success, and I've tried enrolling on appropriate forums but they aren't accepting 'free' email addresses for registrations, so help me rebel scummers you're my only hope.

    I landed a beat up Castle Greyskull as part of a lot last week and thought I'd kitbash it with my own childhood incomplete version only to find that there were 2 different moulds.

    My old version is copyright Mattel 1981 USA (purchased in England), the newly acquired version is copyright Mattel 1981.

    The measurements of the castle itself are identical but the "non-American" version comes with a wider front jawbridge, wider left green tower platform and narrower right green tower platform. The right platform of the "non-American" version also comes with holes and clips, presumably to attach the cannons where my old one does not, it is just a flat solid block.

    So my questions are:

    Do all versions come with a cannon - but some are attached to and some simply rested on the platform? Are the cannons the same or different?

    Are there 2 known versions out there - an original and a re-issue with slightly different features? If so which was the original?


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    Apparently Mattel did do a second version.

    the first version is the one without the holes and clips. the cannon fell off too easily and somewhere along the line they updated the castle so the gun could clip into the slots.

    There should also be a slight color difference: the first edition should be a bit greener than the second one. The first one had gray weapons included, whereas version 2 had beige ones.Same difference with the ladder. - Where Nerds and Geeks unite!

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