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Thread: Trying to make a definitive ROTJ Luke

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    Trying to make a definitive ROTJ Luke

    For giving him that Iconic hood up look, I had some decent results with this: Biggs Darklighter's cape with Darth Sidious' cowl.

    For the hood down look, the Saga Jedi Luke cloak works perfectly. Up, it looks atrocious, but like this it's perfect.

    I like the Endor Capture Luke head better. I just need a few more.

    I gave him Sandstorm Han's Blaster, and Obi-Wan's Lightsaber. Reminds me of my original Blue Saber Kenner Figure.

    In the original trailer and poster Luke's saber was blue. Then they changed it to green to make it show up better against the blue sky during the Battle at the Sarlacc, but I always liked the blue version better.

    Endor Capture Luke body works well for making a Poncho Luke. I used Leia's poncho and belt instead of the larger Luke one from a few years ago.

    I love how poseable this body is, even with the poncho on. And once again, reminds me of the old Kenner Poncho Luke. He had a horrible giant head with a molded on helmet, but when you swapped his head and took the poncho off, you had an awesome looking Jedi Luke without the robes on.
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    Fantastic work!!!!!

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    Thanks, man! I appreciate it
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    outstanding !!! you would think that with all the lukes we have, its sad we do not have a definitave luke jedi yet any way awesome !!

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    Thanks! I really like finding out how parts that have nothing to do with each other can greatly improve a figure, so I don't mind all that much. It used to irritate me a LOT. But now I just like focusing on the positive; These parts are out there, or I already have them, and I can use them for stuff like this. That makes me happy
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    Just blows me away how good this is!!! However, I have a question! I've been debating picking up the light saber construction Luke Skywalker. Is it worth picking up? And once again, great job, man!! My very first custom was a X-Wing pilot Luke Skywalker. Yours blows mine out of the water, though! Great job! Keep it up!

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    And yes, even with the bad Obi-Wan Cloak, the Saber Construction Luke is definitely worth picking up. It's basically the same arms and legs as the Endor Capture Luke, just with a new torso and head. It is THE best Jedi Luke body out there. And there's not really anything else they could do to improve it after this release, so I don't see it becoming obsolete any time soon. I actually like the original head even it came with, even with the "backwards hair part" that a lot of people complained about (The tan skin version though, not the pasty white one) but the Endor Capture head just seems to look better to me now. But depending on your tastes you may like either. I'd definitely recommend buying multiples if you can afford it. He's sooooo worth it.

    I've got a TON of customs I still need to post on here. Soon... In theory anyway.
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    Well I just picked one up and it is pretty nice!!! And great! I will be looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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    Fantastic work.

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    great job on the Luke's.
    i did something similar, I'm up to like 5 Lukes i think between the variations with the skin hand vs. gloved and the "sash belt" vs regular belt. I actually took the clip on belt and cut/glued it to the DS Luke, of course you have to Xacto off the molded pouch on the fig but it looks so much better. Also i'm not sure what version of Luke it is but there is an old one out there that you can slide Luke lightsaber into the "sash belt" for the swing from sail barge to skiff scene. It's a biatch to get on the new Luke but possible.
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