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Thread: Made in Mexico Biker Scout and Gamorrean Guard values

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    Made in Mexico Biker Scout and Gamorrean Guard values

    Do Made I Mexico versions of the Biker Scout and Gamorrean Guard command a premium in carded examples? I just purchased a collection of Moc figures and noticed that I had received a mim scout and guard. It seems like loose figures command a large premium over their Hong Kong or Taiwan counter parts but carded examples seem a little tougher to price.

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    The short mouth Scout usually does command a higher price over the full mouth. Is this a Lili Ledy card, or is it a US Kenner card with the made in Mexico on the back? The bubbles tend to be much clearer than the other COO's on the US cards. This is also another reason they go a little higher. Carded has been tricky over the last few months for everything, not just the MIM cards. Some figures have gone for CRAZY money, while others slip through the cracks for under 50.00.

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