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Thread: Knight Rider The Movie?

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    Knight Rider The Movie?

    Well anybody interested in a feature film of Knight Rider?

    According to the Weinstein Company has hired Brad Copeland to draft a feature film take franchise.

    I loved the show as a kid, and even thought the reboot was kind of good. Though it could have went in a different direction, and been a little better.
    I'm not so sure about a feature film based on they way they've done other TV series to Movies.
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    This movie will have more cheese than the state of Wisconsin.
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    This sounds like the worst idea since Knight Rider The show.

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    I doubt this will do very well. Especially if they base it off the reboot series with the Mustang transforming into every vehicle from Fords lineup. I hated that part. And they used the Mustang... seriously, Even in Knight Rider 2000 KITT was SORT of a Firebird/Trans Am. Sort of...

    If they do it, they need to do it right. The idea has possibilities, but I don't think it will be executed the way it should be. And if this does happen, you can bet that David Hasselhoff will make a cameo. IF he doesn't then it's not even worth the crap movie they are intending to make it.
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    KITT Can't be a Firebird now because Pontiac is no more.

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    My first gut instinct is to say "No way!", but that was my first instinct with the A-TEAM movie, too, and I loved their take on that. The actors were perfectly cast, the script was well done, and the execution was great (also loved the sorta-twist of it being a prequel). I'm not saying it's the greatest movie ever made, but then again, the original series wasn't exactly high art, either.

    I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt until they give me reason not to.
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    in the original pilot they had some other guy cast as Micheal Knight. he's a cop named Micheal Long. he drives a black trans am. in the first scene he gets shot in the face by his GF and left for dead.

    when he wakes up, he's got a new face.. (hasselhoff).. AND his car has been transformed into a robot. they built the KITT robot on the platform of his existing car. when he sees it, he says " paint job?"
    --> it could have been anything. dude could have driven a '62 corvette (like agent coullson).

    the mistake of the various reboots was the attempt to re-cast the CAR. the car became as iconic as the General Lee.
    (I've seen 2 reboots of the Dukes of Hazzard, and that's the only thing they DON"T change: the car --- all these knight rider reboots fall flat, because they change the icon).

    they should find a way they can do this and still use the black trans-am.
    unfortunately this would mean no "product plants" for pontiac (or Ford, as the case may be) where they try to turn the whole thing into gigantic car commercial.
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    btw, I was talking to a guy who works at Gm and he was lamenting the entire "rebrand" that GM did a few years ago: where they scrapped pontiac and kept Buick. it was one or the other, on the chopping block.

    according to the old formula.. chevy was the base lineup. pontiac was the more performance-oriented version of the same .. and buick was more luxury oriented.

    so now: they've got "chevy" for the base lineup, and Buick for the fancy, more luxury-oriented customer...
    so WTF is cadillac? and where are the performance cars?

    why do they need 2 "luxury" brands? this is universally seen as a mistake, across the entire company. right now there's an overlap, re: luxury cars... and the only "performance" cars they have anymore, are camaro and corvette.

    in retrospect, they now acknowledge, they should have kept pontiac and scrapped Buick (and released a few cheaper cadillac models to cover the gap in the lower end luxury market).

    by eliminating their only "performance" brand, they just opened up the door to Mopar and their muscle-bound HEMI models to completely walk away with that market. meanwhile GM is competing with ITSELF (re: caddilac and buick).

    --> there is talk within the company that they will soon re-launch Pontiac with a new Trans-am --> a big budget "knight rider" movie could be part of those plans. just speculating.
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    The new KITT should be a 2014 Corvette Stingray

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