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Thread: 1:6 Trooper Neckseals

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    1:6 Trooper Neckseals

    Hello all, i'm a long time lurker and rarely post but i thought I'd try to contribute to the forum. I have some troopers with no neck seals and the SS ones aren't as accurate. My wife is starting to get into sewing and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in individually ribbed neckseals?

    The ribs are cording and neck seal will probably be closed using velcro like SS. We're going for the shinier larger ribs. Let me know if there's any interest and we can come up with a prototype tonight and post some pics. Thanks for your interest!

    Please excuse the horrible pics!

    Small, loose strands will be removed and seal will be cleaned up!

    Glad you guys like them, my wife will be pleased!!!

    We're thinking $17 per neckseal, and if you buy 2 or more it'll be $15 per neckseal. Shipping will be $2 flat fee CONUS and international will just be calculated. We accept Paypal, I'll start a list going. We'll need at least 10 seals to be requested to start the project!!!

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    The neck seals are pretty cool. But for my 8 troopers the final price will be way too much.

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