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Thread: Bounty Hunters Meeting (WIP)

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    Bounty Hunters Meeting (WIP)

    Finally! I have some spare time for making my second diorama! As a kid i allways liked bounty hunters, to me they were way cooler than jedi or any imperials. All I basically want this dio to look like is this:

    So its going to be a rather compact dio - just the key element and just the right size to fit all the bounty hunters, vader, navy commander and of course bottom control section with at least 3 officers (1 standing and 2 sitting by their computers).

    The base structure is pretty simple, just several foamboard pieces glued together.

    Next, cutting out archway entrance (correct me if I name it wrong).

    And aplying some style details (not 100% movei accurate, by imho it looks decent) :

    This is all i've done during the sunday evening. I'll finish the wall and paint the whole thing today!

    I'm planning to to make two more "layers" behind the wall - one for light and the second just a piece of foamie with a printed star destoyer interior, going to watch Original trilogy several times for the right frame ( not a bad thing but if anyone knows a good still i'll be glad to save a bit of time) !
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    Looking awesome so far. Can't wait to see the finished piece
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    Here is the quick but important update!

    I've painted the whole structure and made a floor. There are some roughness on the borders in the middle section that I'll fix tomorrow!

    The floor

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    Cool, don't know how accurate you want to get but just notice IG-88 is standing on stairs that start beyond the doorway.

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    I think this will look great when done mate, looking forward to your next update!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kk1 View Post
    Cool, don't know how accurate you want to get but just notice IG-88 is standing on stairs that start beyond the doorway.
    Thanks for mentioning this detail. I actually got a stair just behind the door way! Hope it'll be enough!

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    Here is the next quick update. It's just a second doorway behind Zuckuss and 4LOM . Next Im going to cover the open spaces in the bottom and hopefully print the doorway backgrounds.

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    Looking good so far!
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    Amazing details on this....and you got the color scheme spot on. Nice Job

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    Wow- love the shapes of all the walls!
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