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Thread: FS: Ewoks Dulok Scout PALITOY signed sample (lower price)

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    FS: Ewoks Dulok Scout PALITOY signed sample (lower price)

    PRICE: $800 obo

    Very rare Palitoy signed sample! Paypal gift or split fees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johan_Sydling View Post
    Looking for preproduction in trade. Character wize I would love something with WBG, AT-ST Driver, Leia Boushh, AT-AT Commander, B-Wing Pilot but I am open to all sorts of offers!

    PM Sent Johan.
    GW Acrylic Ltd: Display Cases for Collectors
    Stock available Worldwide: UK/EU via USA & R.o.W:

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    Bumping up with a trilogo ISP-6 box & instructions as well! Hard to find. This is my famous one from the interview that Joe made a while back...

    Could also be interested in selling if you don't have anything to trade. Just PM me or send an e-mail to johan _-[AT]-_ sydling _-[dot]-_ se
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    Bump - $1200 OBO on Dulok!
    - $200 OBO on trilogo ISP-6
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    MORE Pictures can be found here!!:


    ROTJ B-wing Pilot - $500 obo (non sonic and Ledy unpainted might be available if there is interest)

    Revenge Lando
    - $450 obo

    Revenge BBG -
    Revenge Lobot -

    Loose figures

    Yak Face -
    $200 obo
    Some wear, please see pictures. Free ww shipping included!
    SWEDISH Exclusive stuff

    Rare AT-AT swedish PlayMix instruction -
    $200 obo
    These are very, very rare. Playmix made their own manuals in swedish and included to some vehicles. To let you know how rare they are I have found four during my collecting years, three of them a couple of weeks ago from the same guy...

    POTF folder (unused) - $100
    Last one I will sell, usually these give away folders are torned and got plenty of wear but this is more or less unused. Very nice condition!
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    Hey buddy, what back is the b wing proof ??
    How much for the unpainted leddy ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by timbo72 View Post
    Hey buddy, what back is the b wing proof ??
    How much for the unpainted leddy ???
    The proof is a 79-backer...

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