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Thread: Been a while - my recent acquisitions

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    Cool Been a while - my recent acquisitions

    Hi guys

    Its been a while since I posted a limelight. Missed me? LOL J

    Here are some items that I managed to get my hands on in the past few months.

    Towards the 12 back run

    Took a while for me to get hold of these items. Big thanks goes out to Allen for letting me “inherit” them.

    C-3PO with SKU footer

    Darth Vader with SKU footer (hard to see and not indicated in AFA label)

    Luke Farmboy with SKU footer (yup, its my second piece)

    Luke Farmboy with White footer

    R2-D2 with White footer

    Chewbacca (made in Hong Kong) with white footer (I already have the made in Taiwan version with white footer)

    The 12A made in Taiwan Darth Vader

    The Stormtrooper with White footer – courtesy of Brian Toys

    I will update my 12 back collection limelight with these in due course.

    MISB Mail Away Collectors Action Stands

    Took me a few years to eventually locate one of these MISB examples. Then ended up with 2 within the span of weeks – what were the odds of that happening J

    MISB 1

    MISB 2

    Big thanks goes out to John (DarthBerizing) for helping me out with the second of these 2 pieces as the seller was only prepared to send out the item to a US address. Much appreciated John!!

    Sears Line Art Collectors 15 Pack (ungraded)

    Won the main pieces of these in the auction on eBay and managed to find the missing pieces (Snaggletooth and Death Squad Commander recently – big thanks to the RS members who helped me out on this) together with the correct ESB Catalog (thanks Todd J ) to complete the whole set. This would go well with the AFA 85 piece that I had limelighted previously.


    Cheers, Mark

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    great finds man . love the 15 pack are you going to get them graded? AFA does a nice job putting them in an acrylic case for display purposes

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    Quote Originally Posted by javd View Post

    great finds man . love the 15 pack are you going to get them graded? AFA does a nice job putting them in an acrylic case for display purposes
    Thanks. I know. I wont be grading this set as I already have a set that is graded AFA85 - see

    I actually put together this set so that I could hold the various components in hand.

    Cheers, Mark
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    Is this ALL you have for us this time, Mark?

    You're clearly losing your edge, my friend
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    Fantastic additions Mark, i love that sears pack, never knew it existed, and the 12 backs are sensational, cheers

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    Mark, this is what you consider an UPDATE????? Many would consider that a collection Great additions
    Always looking for Yoda, Biker Scout, Stormtrooper, Gamorrean Guard and Yak Face items. Especially prototypes and carded figures.

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    hey mark
    i was glad to help, although it was very hard to let go of all those 12 backs. it took a long time to find the skus and white footers but they went to a good home.
    my feedback

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    Every time we see an update limelight from you, I expect something extraordinary, and once again I was not disapointed. congrats on these great additions and thanks for sharing.

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    Absolutely love that Line Art 15 pack! Not too mention those other great pieces.

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    Amazing! Love the SKU on footer, and in such good conditions as well! Congrats!

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