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Thread: Vader Tie Fighter: Die Cast Small Wing MOC-numbers, explanation, answers?

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    Vader Tie Fighter: Die Cast Small Wing MOC-numbers, explanation, answers?

    I searched the forum history and came up with a couple of responses from Scott Bradley about these in regard to the fact that the Canadian Vader Tie uses a similar card as the small wing tie MOC. I think the conventional wisdom on these is that they are all samples/prototypes that were shelved for the larger wing model, but does anyone have info about what prompted the change? I would also be interested in seeing if anyone has estimates on the number of loose and MOC examples out there-maybe this can be a roll call, so I'll go first: I have one MOC

    It seems as if every sale thread or auction I have seen for these over the years (3 or 4 maybe?) states "I got this from a Kenner ex-employee" and the small wing Vader tie on the regular tie card mock-up is usually close by. It seems to be a relatively common item as far as mock-ups/protos go as well. I would be interested in knowing from the proto collectors out there how they regard this piece-actual proto? Mock-up? Almost made the cut sales example? Interestingly enough, AFA labels them as "small wing vader tie/20 back" and not as proto/first shot on proof card/etc.

    Any help is appreciated-thanks!

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    They are of production quality which may be why AFA lables them like that. They are far more common on the tie card as opposed to the vader card. I would guess there are more then people think maybe 25-50 examples as a very rough estimate. I suspect that they looked at the size of the vehicles and realized the small wing piece was way out of proportion and so they adjusted it.

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    Just to clarify - no factory-sealed Canadian version of the small wing Darth Vader TIE Fighter has ever been found. We got our cardback layouts from Kenner USA, and the small-wing layout was what we used for all of our (large-wing) diecast Darth Vader TIE Fighters. The card design was never updated on the Canadian version to mirror the US' large-wing version. It always remained the original small wing design:

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