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    Dengar MOC

    I have been searching for a while now for an ESB Dengar. I never see them in the FS section AND all the ones on ebay have smashed/crushed bubbles.....for those who own one.......are they that difficult to remain undamaged? That is the only MOC I am seeking that seems to have this issue all the time. If you have one for sale WITHOUT a crushed bubble PM too btw
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    I can't edit this I will double post.

    Anyone have an idea on value on what they would sell a C8/C9 ESB Dengar. I have not seen one for sale on here since I joined besides the ROTJ version that was up for sale. Just curious because I saw one that I would buy on ebay....the only issue is a slight dent in the bubble which doesn't bother me too much. It is one of the last bounty hunters I need for my collection.

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    I wouldn't pay more than $125-150 for an ESB Dengar in the condition you described. I bought one a few months back in C8 condition (perfect, clear bubble, with only a few spider veins on the card and minor corner wear) and paid about $70. Keep looking and you can find a C8-9 for $100 or so.

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    I have a 41E as he is my favorite bounty hunter. I was looking to start a run on him as the cards are fairly cheap but to your point the ones out there are not in great shape. Good luck.

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    I would say around 200-250 for a great ESB piece. You are going to be pushing it for a good one for 100-150.
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