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Thread: Found: My Old Toys!

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    Found: My Old Toys!


    Typically, I stay within the wisconsin forums, but this seemed too-good not to share.

    I'd recently posted about finding , and realised - I never posted about finding all my old star wars toys.

    So here it is, a pic of something you don't see often... no mint sealed on card, no display cases, but instead, pics of childhood toys that were loved:


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    Fred, this is one of the best and heart warming threads ive ever read in this section, or anywhere on the site.
    The toys are price less, but whats even more price less is the envelope and the pic of the car inside, its a direct window into your mind as a boy, the whole thing is just magic mate, it could even be used as an art display with the toys and the note.
    Thanks for sharing such fantastic pics and words, loved the way you narrated it too, really made my day seeing that, cheers mate

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    looks like the vader got a little headshot......great post. Sometimes the toys that mean the most to us are not MOC or valuable BUT those recovered from dusty attics or basements that we played with many years ago.
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    Wonderful thread, great story and photos. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us.

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    Nice story!
    wish I still had my old toys
    Big L Rest In Peace!
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    Wow! Really enjoyed that post! Love that flying car... we aren't too far off surely!!

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    Great story, very glad you found your old toys, and the note was awesome!

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    Man, I loved reading this. Having only recently been reunited with my childhood collection, I can attest to how good it feels to have your old toys back, however battle-weathered they might be.
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