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Thread: Finding My Star Wars Gun! (the return of an epic saga of new hope)

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    Finding My Star Wars Gun! (the return of an epic saga of new hope)

    Follow the link to an old but good story... now with pictures!

    Enjoy :-)

    edit: you know... I don't think I ever posted this story here:

    That one.... tugs at my heartstrings, still. When you look at how everything has finally come home, well... ahem.

    Excuse me. There seems to be something in my eye.

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    It's a SW miracle! Very cool story - I can imagine how you feel. Thanks for sharing.
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    Congrats, Fred! 5 bucks is a steal, especially since childhood memories are priceless...
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    Kenbenobi will have to tell a story about finding his old toys when he finds them. I have hardly anything from when I was a kid. I was very rough with my toys, so a lot of them didn't survive. I remember one night my friends and
    I were board, so we decided to put some figures in the middle of the street to see what it would look like if a car hit them. One car came down the street and knew something was up, so he jumped out and started yelling and
    said "I know you are out there" and got back into his car and drove off. We were hiding very close in the darkness, and were scared that he would find us. I am glad he didn't see me because I was very close to him underneath
    a car.

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