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Thread: New reference page I am working on

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    New reference page I am working on

    So, I started collecting bottlecaps after Celebration Japan. I just got hooked on them :-)

    And that led to many others, and I decided to make a reference page for them.

    Click on "bottlecaps" (or check out the others I am working on as well. I hope to have the glassware and tinware started pretty soon as well)

    Anthony Damata's Star Wars Collectables

    LMK what you think, and if anyone has any that I am missing and want to trade, I have extras :-)

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    Really interesting site with some great pics and history, i dont collect any of them but i really appreciate your collecting and sharing with us, cheers n thanks

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    Awesome Tony! This is a great reference! The bottlecaps are a cool little collectible! I'll definitely be checking back!
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    Great page Tony with lots of information and great pictures.

    I like, that you collect cool items different that the majority of collectors (watches, ceramics and now bottle caps). I have learned something about these items from you page, items I knew very litlle about before. So thanks for sharing knowledge, information and pictures.

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    Great site!
    i know I've said it before but I love those Japanese Bottle caps.
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    Thanks for posting these, they look really great. There are some different pictures here from what we see everywhere. Are any of them rusty? I didn't see any rust marks. The Canadian ones have not been crimped so they must have direct from factory. Do they attract a premium price?
    The ones that were on bottles still have marks but look like they have been reshaped back into a circular shape. Should one try and remove the indents as well? I would suspect this would damage the image.

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    Thank you for sharing these with us. I like how you can feel the cheesy 70's oozing from the first few. In 2008, you can see the images got much sharper and more clear, yet still sort of feel like the 70's caps.

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    cool!! always love looking at your page tony!!
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