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Thread: WLB Han Solo MR 1:1 Blaster

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    WLB Han Solo MR 1:1 Blaster

    Hi Does anyone here have a Solo blaster for sale? ANH (prefer) or ESB...

    If so pm me please, Would prefer uk and with everything, but open to offers.


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    Hi Marty. I might know someone in UK that is selling an ANH Han Solo Elite Blaster. He did have it on eBay a few wks back so not sure if he sold it. If you are interested let me know and I can contact him for you!!

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    Hi, Let me know what he has to say..and at what price!



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    PM sent as well.
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    Sorry Marty. Its sold at 799 for the Elite Edition. Good luck in finding one. Cheers!! Simon

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