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Thread: 1977 Superhero Catalogue

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    1977 Superhero Catalogue

    I found this mixed in with some other items at an auction a couple of years ago. It is "The Superhero Catalogue" from 1977. It is basically a mail order catalogue from a store in New Jersey that is the exact same size and material of a regular comic book. Features mainly DC and Marvel items but there are 3 different Star Wars items advertised (there is actually more Howard the Duck items than Star Wars items in this). The 3 Star Wars items are a T-shirt, a calender and The Star Wars Blueprints. The Blueprints are only listed with no photo so I am not including a photo here. The cost of the blueprints was $6.95 plus S&H. Costs of other items are in the photos.

    Also, before anyone asks: It is not for sale at this time.

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    I love those derned things. I grew up reading comics that were already 10 years old and those old Mego ads were always so cool to me. I always asked my Dad to order those figures but he told me that the ads were too old and those toys didn't exist anymore... bummer... But thanks to the digital age of online auctions I have righted those wrongs.

    I pick up every copy of those books that I find though they are so cool and goofy.

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    The Heroes World catalogues were awesome.

    From the Fall '78 issue:

    Wonderful Wonderblog: Merry Christmas From Heroes World
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    Yours is issue #5. From the photos, these are the same ads which ran in Marvel Comics for several years, and I'm pretty certain starting from around the first few issues of the Marvel Star Wars series, but definitely in other titles. They ran for several years in fact. I particularly like the first few issue of the Superhero Catalogue (first issue came out 1976) because the superhero ads for some of the toys are extremely difficult to find now. Flipping through some of these makes me realize how much stuff just gets purged from memory, and how many forgotten toys exist out there, simply because collecting vintage and what's known to exist is driven primarily by the items most in demand and valuable items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Scourge View Post
    The Heroes World catalogues were awesome.

    From the Fall '78 issue:

    Wonderful Wonderblog: Merry Christmas From Heroes World
    great stuff!
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    Just awesome!!
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    Is it just me or does $4.95 for a calendar in 1977 seem really overpriced. I mean, it's really just a 12 page magazine. Back then you could get a 100 odd page long copy for Penthouse for a buck seventy-five.

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