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Thread: COO inquiries

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    COO inquiries

    I'm trying to reference some coo's on some figures and the Imperial Gunnery COO guide is only somewhat helpful.
    Questions im stuck on at the moment after trying to search the forums on here for an answer -

    Yoda coo that Mecanno or?
    Chief Chirpa #5 ....what is that??
    ..and one more thing, I also just picked up a squidhead who has slightly different paint/coloring and what seems to me to be a green cape but it has the made in hk markings. Could this be LL even with that coo? Lots of conflicting info out there leaves me wondering?

    Any information is much appreciated!

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    Hi my friend

    Yoda with coo #5 is shared with the meccano yoda and the POTF Yoda.
    The mec variant has very black eyes whilst the POTF are more brown coloured.

    The Chirpa (from memory - can't check coo guide at the moment) is a no coo variant on raised bar

    The correct green cape squid should be a thicker material and not ribbed and is on a MIHK figure.
    Not ledy but a kenner variant.

    I can be more precise and offer more info later but hope this helps a bit for now

    Cheers, Lee
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