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    Hi, I have the following available, please PM me if you have any interest,

    thank you,

    12 Back Han Solo figure MOC. The card is unpunched. there is a light crease in the upper left to the left of the punch, it is too light to go through the card. There are no stickers or sticker tears or touch ups. The bubble has no dents or cracks and is 100% factory sealed with no lifting. SOLD

    ROTJ Luke Jedi Blue Saber. The card has small surface tears on the front. The bubble is denting on the top and bottom, it looks heavy. There are no cracks in the bubble, The bubble is still fully sealed. The figure has frost on the leg and arm. $120

    24 Figure set. All figures are in excellent to near mint condition, the figure with the most wear is the R2 (C8) The rest are all better. The Figures are all complete with their original accessories. All sabers still have their tips (Luke has a letter saber). The capes all have no tears or splits. The figures come in collector's case and case includes excellent insert. $285

    ESB figure lot, all near mint but mostly mint except the 2 hoth troopers in the bottom row (no capes) All are complete with their original weapons, except one 2-1B figure. SOLD

    Stormtrooper lot of 6, All excellent to near mint, a few have tinted limbs. SOLD

    Vader Ben Kenobi figures Mint $65

    Vader Ben Kenobi figures set #2 Mint Vader Near Mint Kenobi $60

    Vader Ben Kenobi figures set #2 Mint Vader Near Mint Kenobi ( w/Lettered Hilt) $65

    Light Grey Boba Fett, lime green chest plate, Mint complete SOLD

    Boba Fett Mint complete SOLD

    Han Solo small head, white molded legs, C8.5 complete SOLD

    Bagged Figures: All are heat sealed, with no tears or splits.

    R2-D2 SOLD

    Jawa SOLD

    Death Squad Commander $100

    Death Star Droid SOLD

    Luke Skywalker SOLD

    Tusken Raider $95

    Han Solo $95

    C-3PO (joints are still unsnapped) $165

    Darth Vader $120

    Stormtrooper $115

    Chewbacca SOLD

    Princess Leia (cape has yellow from the gun) $95

    12 Back Vader, has major wear and warping and surface tears, still sealed. SOLD

    Early Bird Certificate, has warping on the envelope and the stand has minor warping as well, the bottom portion has not been torn from the perforation. The sticker and other paperwork are included. SOLD

    Early Bird Kit Collector stand paperwork and catalog. The stand offer is wrinkled/warped in the middle. SOLD

    Boba Fett figure Card Fresh Mint SOLD

    Boba Fett figure #2 MINT SOLD

    C3PO & R2D2 figures C9. The figures are in excellent condition with minor wear at most. The figures have great paint and tight joints. The R2 Head clicks when turned SOLD

    Card Fresh Mint Death Star Droid. The figure is in super crisp and shiny condition. The gloss on the figure is super polished and very reflective. The figure has no playwear or paintwear and tight joints. VERY NICE! $40

    Canada Catalog set, both are complete, and in excellent condition, no tears or foreign markings. $70

    Palitoy General Madine MOC. The card is in excellent condition with no creases. The bubble has no dents or cracks. SOLD

    Darth Vader in Big G Baggie. This variant was mainly found in the Special Offer Vader case with the Bespin Luke and Yoda figures. The baggie is sealed on both ends, there are tiny splits in the baggie at the head and feet. $70

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    PM sent on case with Kit Bashed Boba insert
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    PM sent on ESB figure lot
    WTB: Luke Bespin & Luke Hoth Proofs and an AT-AT Walker Revenge Proof
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    Lots of new stuff added Thursday 6-20

    thank you,

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    Pm sent on r2 and c3po.
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    item received today! awesome thank you easy peasy

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    PM sent on a few pieces
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