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Thread: Realistic Disney Princesses: Ariel Bust

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    Realistic Disney Princesses: Ariel Bust

    I tried something a little different this time around. As a big Disney fan, I really loved those fan-made hyper-realistic paintings of what Disney Princesses would look like in real life. I was inspired by them to make a series of busts (similar to Gentle Giant's work) that depict how the Princesses would realistically look. The goal was to sculpt the clothes and hair and paint the piece in a way that appears natural instead of cartoonish. It was also fun to finally do a custom that didn't have a set "appearance" (there's no human likeness I have to strive for and no detail can truly be "wrong") and just work on my sculpting and painting skills. I just greatly enjoyed getting to design and imagine how these women would appear in a realistic setting.

    First up is Ariel, but I already have sketches and designs worked out for the other leading Disney ladies. If the idea is well-received, I currently have the parts to get started on Belle, Megara, Rapunzel, and Mulan.

    With flash:

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    Is she based on a Buffy bust? The likeness to Sarah Michele Gellar is uncanny.

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