ok so my friend just starting down the Star wars hobby ... he's been a fellow mego collector. so his story is as a kid he loved star wars but his step dad wouldn't let him have any star wars toys ... then when he went to see ESB ... the step dad pretty much tricked him by saying "we'll go Tomorrow" but turned out tomorrow was the first day of the next movie they were showing ... so he never did see ESB or Jedi or the new films at all ... I've finally got him to think about star wars collecting and to watch the movies ... well, the other day he bought a loose 12 inch leia ... she had everything but the belt brush and mirror ... and well not too worried about getting a comb or the mirror but a belt to finish off her complete look would be awesome ....

so if you happen to have an extra one that's not too spendy give me a shout. funny thing is just a few months ago I had an extra one but gave it away LOL LOL ... I do have some misc. modern loose figures and those little galactic hero figures I'd trade also just wanting to help the guy out without paying too much ... just in case the hobby doesnt take