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Thread: FS: doubles triples and 50ths. Yak, Blue Snag

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    FS: doubles triples and 50ths. Yak, Blue Snag

    Selling off part of my variables, extras and maybe a Stormtrooper or two. I have been out of the scene for the last year because I moved across the country. My prices are an average of what things have sold for or been traded for on Rebelscum and TIG but they are negotiable and some trades would be considered. You are looking at the exact item and weapon/accesory for sale in the pictures. Most items are in good to great condition with small flaws if any. Email for more focalized pictures, questions, trade and price offers. When you inquire about an item, I will give you a full discription with the picures. I would trade for graded items, Vinyl Cape Jawa, Sy Snootles and Max Rebo Band, and whatever is in my wanted ad. None of the stands come with the figures.

    Imperial Gunner (1) $65, Blue Snaggletooth (1) Sold, Yak Face Sold, Blue Snaggletooth (2) Sold, Imperial Gunner (2) $65

    Ree Yees (1) $6, Chief Chirpa (1) $6, Teebo Sold, Chief Chirpa (2) $6, Ree Yees (2) $6

    Rancor Keeper (1) $6, Lando Calrissian (t) $6, Nikto $6, Lando Calrissian (nt) $6, Rancor Keeper (2) $6

    AT-AT Commander $6, Ugnaught $5 (marker on one sole), B Wing Pilot $6, Barada $35, Bossk $4

    Bespin Security Guard $6, Mail Away Emporer (1 complete mail set) $20, Pruneface $12, Mail Away Emporer (sealed figure, complete mail set) $35

    POTF R2D2 (yellowed and cracked bubble, figure is mint) Sold, Jabba the Hut playset (complete) Sold

    Speeder Bikes (no speed flaps-one has handle bars and belly gun, other has neither) $10 for both

    Mail Away Arena display set with the original mailing box, no backdrops $30

    49 Stormtroopers with 35 Blasters $500. All stand by themselves and none are beaters. Very few have yellowing and all display nicely.
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    WTB, your Yaks and Blue Snags Also looking for loose Stormies.

    Satisfied scummers I have dealt with...

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    PM Sent on a couple of items.

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