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Thread: run is done !!!!!!!!!!!!!lukes macro binocular resin kit....highly detailed

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    run is done !!!!!!!!!!!!!lukes macro binocular resin kit....highly detailed

    I would like to offer these kit to folks over here at rebel scum.
    a little back on me, ive been molding and casting for over 15 years. mostly I sell my stuff on ebay or at site where I have been an active member there since 2002.
    I was sadden by the lack of quality of the macro's that have been offered in the past, poor molding and some have very bad castings....I hate bubbles !! there is no excuse for them
    I this kit you will have little clean up and fitting to do, ive done it for you, I inspect every piece closely for bubbles or voids, those parts go in the trash not my customers.

    if you've wanted to build this prop but don't want to spend the $$$$$$ it takes to buy all the cameras, I encourage you to consider this kit, it is by far the best kit of this prop you will EVER find.

    this is a mixed kit of resin and vacuformed parts. this kit is for the is highly detailed and the most accurate kit of this prop ever produced.
    I have taken the original camera parts, broken them down to there basic components, molded and cast their individual parts.

    the lens' telescope just like the original lens' do, the battery and film compartments both open up and expose plenty of space to add electronics if desired.

    with moderate skills in building models you can easily build this kit your self.

    I will be making step by step videos on how to build this kit, I will also answer any questions you have along the way to help you along.

    these kits take 2-3 weeks to cast and produce, there is some time involved in prepping this kit and parcially assembling the lens' to assure they work properly .

    kit cost is $450 shipped in the us. I will ship out side the us, please contact me for a shipping quote.
    I have a WIP / build thread on the rpf, you can go here

    wip--lukes macrobinocular kit UPDATE!! 1ST BUILD IS DONE, UPDATE ON 1ST POST

    I also have a video showing the finished prop and all it's functions, you can it that here
    star wars lukes macrobinocular resin kit - YouTube

    I will start a list of five people who want a kit, I will accept payment when your kit is ready to sooner. if you do not have the funds ready when asked for I will go to the next person in line. I will pm you my paypal address and request the funds, you have five days to respond.

    please post here or pm me that you want to be added on the list.

    here are some pics of all the parts you will receive, there are styrene and metal tubes, strips and rods that are also supplied not pictured.

    you can also see more pics here Prop KIT ALERT!! Lukes Macrobinoculars from Jerry Gordon
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