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Thread: CHEAP! Salacious Crumb bust for sale!

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    CHEAP! Salacious Crumb bust for sale!

    I have another defected bust for sale for the customizers and cheap dealer seekers out there. It's Salacious Crumb!

    The bust is actually complete, unbroken and includes it's original box and coa. Unfortunately Mr. Crumb has some paint flaking on his ears and tail. This should be an easy touch up job for someone with painting skills. Otherwise he's in excellent shape!

    Payment must be paypal "gift". Shipping is FedEx ground insured to the lower 48 states only. Tracking number will be sent the day Crumb ships. Shipping is only $5.

    Salacious Crumb - $25 + $5 shipping. SOLD

    ***Also if anyone out there has loose busts for sale i'm looking for the "human" head for the second Jango fett bust and the "out stretched arm" for the 501st Legion Clone bust. Both of mine have "paint chips" and i'm looking for replacement parts. So if you've got either of these parts for sale holla at your jawa! lol.***
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    Salacious Crumb has left the building!

    If anyone out there has an extra "human" Jango v.2 bust head or 501st clone's arm for sale please let me know.

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