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Thread: MR Boba Fett Helmet- Fixing the pinched visor

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    MR Boba Fett Helmet- Fixing the pinched visor

    Hi Scummers,
    Not much has been happening on this section for a while so I thought I'd post the same pics of my "Renovated" MR fett helmet as are currently shown in the FS thread. As with most threads in the for-sale section, they get lost easily. So for most who arent surfing the market at the moment, I thought i put them here to so you dont miss out.

    Im pretty proud of my efforts to create a screen accurate version, where the factory could not. If you’re not aware, when the MR Prototype was sent to china for production, the factory were careless & the mandibles were squeezed to create what’s been called the “pinch”. The visor was made to fit this & as a result you got a collectable, screen accurate in every area, except where it really matters.

    In the quest for “screen- accuracy” I followed the guide on “The dented helmet” to remove the factory visor & install a custom visor to reset the t-visor edges to be parallel, just like the real helmet. I got to say.. it was nerve raking as I was taking a huge risk, …but I was patient & took great care & it worked out perfectly. The inside lining isn’t as good as it was, but who cares about that when it awesome & stunning from the outside
    unfortunately i didnt take any WIP photos, as to be honest, i was too focused on what i was doing & not 100% sure (not even 50%) that it would work out,

    See what you think....

    I was super happy with the result (why am i selling??? ahhhh nevermind)
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    Photo of inside the helmet, i had to pull the liner out, that was hard as it was glued in super well.
    the section of yellow you see is the fiberglass, but its only visable as i havent been bothered to glue the liner back in place.

    i'll give a run down of the steps i took tomorrow- very late now in Aus.

    In summary the classic quote says it best...
    but first you gotta ask yourself ..."do I feel lucky"...

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    That looks really good.

    I have not had the guts to do that to mine yet.

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    Looks good dude... I am gonna guess that you need the $$$ for something waaay better
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedimike1 View Post
    Looks good dude... I am gonna guess that you need the $$$ for something waaay better
    Hi mike!
    LOL_ cheers mate. Money needed to cover debts already committed to.

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