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Thread: What would you pay for this (if you could afford it)?

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    What would you pay for this (if you could afford it)?

    This list was sent to me from a seller.
    Question I've is; what would you pay for the entire collection(if you could afford all at the same time)
    Need some serious replies and guidance on price

    Millennium Falcon mib ( Palitoy Rotj)
    Landspeeder nrfb german without tape decals unnaplied
    Landspeeder mib Collectors Series
    Land of the Jawas mib

    Creature Cantina mib
    Radio controlled Jawa Sandcrawler
    X-Wing rotj u.s actually on ebay
    x-wing rotj euro battle damage
    Darth vader tie fighter mib
    Death star space station mib
    Hoth ice planet
    rebel command center mib
    Rebel Transport mib
    Star Destroyer mib
    Dagobah Action Playset mib (special offer)
    AT-ST rotj palitoy endor scene box
    Snowspeeder mib pink box
    Snowspeeder mib euro box blue
    Turret and probot mib
    Imperial Attack Base mib
    Cloud city adventure set mib
    Imperial Shuttle mib
    Tie Interceptor mib
    Y-Wing fighter mib
    B-Wing Fighter u.s mib
    Jabba the Hutt canadian mib
    Jabba the Hutt sears "line art box"
    Rebo Band tri logo
    Taun Taun open belly palitoy mib
    Taun Taun closed belly u.s mib
    Wampa mib x2
    Twin Pod Cloud Car mib
    All Mini Rigs except for the Endor Forest Ranger and the 3 Potf Rigs (Sniper/Skimmer/Scout) including Combat Glider and the Catapult
    Ewok Battle Wagon mib
    A-wing Fighter Mib
    Tatooine Skiff mib
    Ewok Village mib

    All except of 3PO

    Laser Rifle Collectors case, is unused but has disposed to sunlight that means that the top of the case has discoloration

    all mint and with original equipment except blue snagg/Yak Face/ Ev-9d9 and Luke Stormtrooper

    Yoda Hand Puppet mib, Vader Switcheroo moc, Inflatable Light Saber, Chewbacca bandolier strap.

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    I'll have a crack.

    2.5K For the mib ships, thats conservative
    1.2k for the figures

    Id say 4k for the lot give and take, seeings you would by them as a lot im sure theres a big discount so ive factored that in.
    Broken up id say its well over 6k.

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    Magnus, I recently sold a complete loose set of C9 figures without any Last 17 POTF figures on Ebay for 930. The set offered above has 14 of the Last 17 so that would add at least 350 more (I am presuming they are all C9 too, and includes R2 pop up, Luke Endor, Imp Gunner and A-Wing pilots black guns, Amanaman staff, etc). A complete Rebo band set would be about 30 too. So that would make around 1,300 top end for figures - if you could get them for under 1,000 I think you would have done very well.

    The vehicle valuation really does depend so much on the sellers definition of 'mib'. You do need to check whether they include inserts, instructions, catalogs and sticker sheets - this makes a really proper difference to the value. Don't make an offer on the vehicles/playsets until that is clarified.
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    Have seen pics of the collection and when saying "mib" he really has everything that comes with the box
    Really difficult to say what the total would come to but the items are in pristine condition and not all is listed above..

    Matt..will send some pics to you, check your mail shortly
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    One million dollars...
    Some where in the Outer Rim Territories...

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