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Thread: How are fake vintage weapons made???

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    How are fake vintage weapons made???

    Like many others, I am constantly fearful and paranoid about getting fake weapons (and I've even heard about figures?!?) I'm going to ask a potentially stupid question that I couldn't find an answer to (after a minimal amount of googling). Just how do these guys actually make so many of these convincing fakes? (Heck they are all over eBay) I'm just curious about the process; how do they get the necessary materials and set up shop. Thanks in advance!

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    They have factories in China make them, just like the big toy companies.

    Back until the late 90's, most of the repros you'd see were cast in resin in someone's garage. A company called (IIRC) Cotswold's Collectibles then started selling a set of factory-made repros (many of which are still in circulation), and it was all downhill from there.

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    OK so we're talking larger scale repo production, not small time stuff. Not that I'm happy about that...

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