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Thread: Another DT Luke verification thread.....

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    Another DT Luke verification thread.....

    Considering picking up this guy, looks good to me but wanted to run it past other members for opinions....anyone see anything that doesn't look right with it? It has 3 break points on the hilt, supposedly came from an early bird set.

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    This is just my opinion, i am not an expert on DT sabers,
    BUT... the saber in the photo you posted looks identical to the Revalviet reproduction.
    The reason i say that is the colour looks a little too rich, and the the 3 mold break points on the hilt, looks to be in exactlly the same positions as the REV repro.
    Someone will correct me if im wrong.

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    Hard to say. Does it have any letters on the hilt?

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    Yeah...the color on the flash picture looked off but the other two pics looked good to me. No lettering. Any doubt and Im staying away from it. Seller has 100% positive feedback btw.

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    That raises a bit of a red flag, but real ones with no letters are said to exist. I defer to those with more expertise!

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    Yes, I believe one of the old early bird sets I had that has long since been sold had a DT Luke hilt with no lettering....I really can't make my mind up on this one, the more I look at it the more it's looking like a repro to me.
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    Looks too yellow for me, most real dt sabers have faded a lot more. Could be real, but personally, I would not take the risk.

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    Hey all. I'm supporting a singular "Is this real" thread here:

    Works well for the auto section and I think would work well for vintage!


    I seek Yoda. Collect him I must. Sell to me your production and preproduction Yoda items you will. Vintage it is, yes yes. Mmm hehehe.

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    Sabers without markings tend to be too yellow compared with lettered sabers. It is possible for original sabers to be bright yellow, and I would check for a circles variation (markings on left side of main tube... very faint)...

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    Two new lettering and I don't see any circles, there is a small raised dot on the side of the tab though, barely visible in the pictures. Looks repro to me now, thoughts?

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