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Thread: WTB: Redemption Poster by John Brosio (FOUND)

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    WTB: Redemption Poster by John Brosio (FOUND)

    I'm looking for prints or original art work of the Emperor, I have a couple already but am unable to find any others that focus on him as a main image. Send me a PM if you have one or if you have an idea on where I can find some.
    Thanks in advance,
    Looking For:

    Darth Sidious Character Key FOUND
    Redemption Poster by John Brosio
    Anything else that might interest me
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    If you want original art, I'd say commission a artist to do one. There are several that frequent these forums that you could ask.

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    I already have written several and am waiting for replies and have 9 original pieces from Tom Hodges already, trying for Rood and Carre.

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    Also looking for a "Redemption" poster

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    Also looking for the Character Key

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    Still looking for the John Brosio Redemption poster and Sidious character key

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    This was a CIV poster if I recall correctly. I had mine signed by the artist, awesome print.

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    I may possibly have found one, just waiting for the seller to give me a price. I've also been in contact with John Brosio, once I get the poster I'll send in to OPX to have Ian McD sign it, then off to Brosio, then back to me for some custom framing.

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    Still looking for the Redemption poster and Sidious Character Key.

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    Found the Sidious character key, anyone have a hook up on the John Brosio Redemption poster...anyone...hello...

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