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Thread: FS: After Celebration Europe Sales

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    FS: After Celebration Europe Sales

    Searching for any kind of Vintage Star Wars Prototype and Preproduction items.
    Also for trade against any European Foreign or Rare US items.

    Payment via PP gift or add the 4% fees, Offers would be accepted on all items.

    You could check pics from all items on my Photobucket Folder:

    michifromhell's Library | Photo bucket

    Heres all the stuff which is still available. I use my old FS Thread so you see a few items double:

    Star Tots each 25 Euro
    Bounty Hunter Design Cards 100 Euro
    Boba Fett Proof 15 Euro
    Yoda 30 year patch 10 euro
    Attakus CE Exclusive R2D2 100 euro
    Französisches Flucht vom Todesstern Board Game 20 Euro
    Episode 1 VHS Special Edition incl. Filmstreifen 10 Euro
    Family Guy Star Wars Limited Special Edition incl. T-Shirt SOLD
    Star Wars Episode 1 Soundtrack CD 5 Euro
    Spain Coloring by numbers unused condition but Foil is defect 50 Euro
    German Krieg der Sterne Deko Plakat 80 Euro ( rare as hell)
    Endor Forest Ranger Box incl Sticker und Instructions (Box ist crap) 7 Euro
    Tri Pod Laser Canon MIB 25 Euro
    Spanisches Poch PDT-8 MIB 275 Euro
    Ewoks Logray AFA U85 35 Euro
    Clipper C3PO (50 Euro )und R2D2 (30 Euro) Cardback
    4 Clipper Stickered CB je 15 Euro
    Kraft der Macht Set Blister and Cardback und VME and 2 Figures (opened Set) 900 Euro
    Italienisches ROTJ Riesen Plakat 35 Euro
    Italienische ESB Aushangbilder je 5 Euro
    Ljn Händlerkatalog 1985 100 Euro
    Ewoks / Droids US Video Store Display 250 Euro

    German Star Wars Poster, one of the rarest German Posters you will find out there. Really nice condition and unfolded 80 Euro

    Italian ROTJ Poster 99 x 140 cm, 35 Euro

    LJN Retailer Catalog 1985 inclusive Thundercats and Wrestling & more 100 Euro

    French, Escape from Death Star Board Game 20 Euro

    Spain ESB PDT-8 Vehicle 275 Euro

    US Ewoks/Droids Video Store Display, everything is in unused condition in the Original Box. Includes Buttons, Displays, Hanger... 250 Euro

    Italian Posters
    All Posters are not in perfect condition, size is 46x66cm each 5 Euro

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    PM Sent for you!
    SHEESH!!!!i am not raping anyones childhood!!!! - Darren
    P.S. I'm glad you didn't get your toy - Baytrooper
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    Darn you ! So much c-3po goodness at the one time



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    All PM replied, yes everything is open for offers. Feel free let me know your prices.

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    Clipper C3PO Cardback & more added

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    Yugoslavia Ewoks & Droids Sticker Books added

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