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Thread: Gentle Giant Lot MIB For Sale

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    Hello! Selling a few of my collection. All prices include shipping. Just PM me with any questions.

    Royal Guard #8845: $45 SOLD
    Luke Animated Maquette: $40 (Brand New) SOLD
    Storm Trooper 501st (blue): $40. SOLD
    Tie Fighter Classic & Bib Fortuna Bundle: $30
    X-Wing Luke Skywalker: $25 (helmet was broken, but was fixed and only a minor crack is visible around helmet) SOLD
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (armless version): $30
    Yoda ESB #1097630 SOLD

    All but one are used, but mint in box aside from x-wing luke. They all have COA and original box. Please PM me with any questions and check out the links/pictures below.


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    I know I am a newbie, but have 126 rating at 100% on ebay. Please check out the link to one of the items I am selling. You will see I have the same SW items there as I would sell here. Check out my feedback at the below link.


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    Bump... Sorry admin, didn't know about the links!

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