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Thread: FS: Framed OT Index Collection

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    FS: Framed OT Index Collection

    Originally bought from Bob-A-Lou Collectibles in the early 90's, it features an unsubscribed Peter Cushing (I was told that an unsubscribed Cushing can go for $1,000 on its own), Mark Hamill, Vintage sigs from Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker and something I've not seen elsewhere, a rare block-printed sig from Peter Mayhew. Also has Alec Guinness, James Earl Jones, Dave Prowse, another vintage Billy Dee, and Jeremy Bulloch.

    The final frame size is 30" x 39". The original photos in the piece were fading and have been replaced by OPX photos. I'm asking for $2,000 + shipping.

    I'm also looking to sell my signed Michael Nesmith Songbook for $100 + shipping.

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    I think I remember that piece on Lou tarrolli's wall at a convention in Detroit years back. Looks good still.
    "ok...ill sign an autograph..." -Mark Hamill

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    Yep, though I knew Bob more than Lou. Thankfully they had it a couple of times through at the Baltimore shows while I saved up for it. I've really enjoyed it over the years. Replacing the pics livened it up a bit as some had lost color. Having a tough time listing it, but some bills have come up unexpectedly and the need is there. I'm not asking any mark-up on it.

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    FS: Framed OT Index Collection

    Now that's a fantastic item. If I only lived in America...


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    had such a great mayhew and ford. Nice pick up.
    "ok...ill sign an autograph..." -Mark Hamill

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    I am a bit melancholy about seeing it go, but a guy from my local collector's club bought it, so I'm hoping I'll get to see it from time to time.

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