Here is what I am doing, I am working on getting the entire Topps Finest set signed. I know there are some cards that don't have actors that are associated with them but I am looking to get some ideas for the last few cards that I don't have signed. There are some that are easy, Zuckuss - Cathy Munro and so on. I am asking for suggestions on any of the cards that I don't have signed or even any of the ones I do. Here is the list of cards that I have signed:

1 Title Card Gary Kurtz
2 Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill
3 Princess Leia Carrie Fisher
4 Mon Mothma Caroline Blackiston
5 Admiral Ackbar Tim Rose
6 Jan Dodonna
7 Han Solo Harrison Ford
8 Chewbacca Peter Mayhew
9 Lando Calrissian Billy Dee Williams
10 Crix Madine Dermot Crowley (REPLACE)
11 Garm Bel Iblis
12 Borsk Fey'lya
13 Wedge Antilles Denis Lawson
14 Biggs Darklighter Garrick Hagon
15 Nien Nunb Mike Quinn
16 Winter
17 Wicket W. Warrick Warwick Davis
18 Qwi Xux
19 Emperor Palpatine Clive Revill
20 Darth Vader Dave Prowse/JEJ
21 Moff Tarkin Chris Moeller (Artist)
22 Joruus C'Baoth Timothy Zahn (Author)
23 Admiral Thrawn Timothy Zahn (Author)
24 Gilad Pellaeon Chris Moeller (Artist)
25 Admiral Piett Ken Colley
26 Admiral Daala Kevin J Anderson (Author)
27 General Veers Julian Glover
28 Emperor's Royal Guard
29 Death Star Gunners Cy Town
30 Stormtroopers Anthony Forrest
31 TIE Fighter Pilots Cy Town
32 AT-AT Walker Pilots Ian Liston
33 Biker Scouts
34 Boba Fett Jeremy Bulloch
35 Dengar
36 Bossk Alan Harris
37 Obi-Wan Kenobi Joe Phillips (Artist)
38 Yoda Frank Oz (REPLACE)
39 Callista Joe Phillips (Artist)
40 Jacen Solo Michael Stackpole (Author)
41 Anakin Solo Joe Phillips (Artist)
42 Jaina Solo Michael Stackpole (Author)
43 Kyp Durron Kevin J Anderson (Author)
44 Kirani Ti Brandon McKinney (Artist)
45 Tionne Joe Phillips (Artist)
46 Mara Jade Shannon Baska
47 Talon Karrde
48 Salla Zend
49 Zuckuss
50 Lobot John Hollis
51 Gallandro
52 Moruth Doole
53 Garindan
54 Lady Valarian
55 Tusken Raiders
56 Bantha
57 Jawa Rusty Goffe
58 Ugnaught Mike Edmonds
59 Noghri Marc Sasso (Artist)
60 Ssi-Ruuk Marc Sasso (Artist)
61 Wampa Howie Weed
62 TaunTaun Phil Tippett
63 Sarlacc Jeremy Bulloch
64 Greedo Paul Blake
65 Cantina Band Don Bies
66 Labria Colin Kitchens
67 Dr. Evazan Phil Tippett
68 Ponda Baba Colin Kitchens
69 Feltipern Trevagg Brandon McKinney (Artist)
70 Kabe & Muftak Rusty Goff
71 Momaw Nadon Colin Kitchens
72 Wuher & Chalmun
73 Jabba The Hutt Mike Quinn
74 Bib Fortuna Michael Carter
75 Salacious Crumb Tim Rose
76 Max Rebo Band Mike Quinn
77 Oola Femi Taylor
78 Rancor
79 Gamorrean Guard Dave Carson
80 Weequay Paul Weston
81 Tessek Gerald Home
82 C-3P0 Anthony Daniels
83 R2-D2 Kenny Baker
84 2-1B Den Beauvais (Artist)
85 R5-D4 Krutz Sisters
86 4-LOM Chris Parsons
87 Blue Max and Bullux Den Beauvais (Artist)
88 EV-9D9 Brandon McKinney (Artist)
89 IG-88 Den Beauvais (Artist)
90 Probot / Checklist Den Beauvais (Artist)