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Thread: Vlix Oncard found at garage sale!

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    Vlix Oncard found at garage sale!

    Hello everyone! I came across a box of old toys down the street at a garage sale.inside were a bunch of Star Wars, Star trek, TMNT, Transformers, Marvel, Etc...loose. I asked the lady how much, she told me 50 cents each. I gave her $10.00 for the box, boom! What a deal right? Well upon further inspection, when I arrived home I came across this little gem sitting in the bag at the bottom. Vlix Oncard. I knew exactly who and what he was. I am also aware that there are a lot of repro's of him. the gun that came with him in the bag I'm pretty sure doesn't belong to him. His arm looks like it had maybe been broken, then glued back on as well. I have included pictures with this post. Can you guys please help me figure out what type this guy is?? Thank you!!!!!

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    Looks like a pretty bad Vlix custom to me.
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    Fake. The only thing that they did add that most fakes don't bother with are the feet pegs. There is a loose graded Vlix on ebay right now if you want to look at one for comparison.
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    Still pretty cool for the price and a "bottom" of the box find. Nice work!

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    can I ask if the OP thinks that oncard is Vlix's last name? Or is he attempting to imply that the figure was carded when he found it?
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    Thank you everyone for the help! I figured it would be a custom, but a second set of eyes always helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin_Lentz View Post
    According to Wookieepedia, the last name Oncard has been retroactively given to Vlix as an inside joke.

    Vlix Oncard - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
    Ugh, as in Momaw Nadon and Ponda Baba? Not much of a fan of retroactively changing the identity of characters.


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