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Thread: WTB: Cards to finish off my sets

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    WTB: Cards to finish off my sets

    Over the years I have had to take some cards out of my sets for various reasons but I wanted to get the holes filled in my sets and here is what I need:

    Star Wars Finest
    76 - Max Rebo Band

    Star Wars Chrome Archives
    87 - The Death Star Raid


    Star Wars Series 1
    3 - The Little Droid, Artoo-Deetoo

    Star Wars Series 2
    130 - Pursued by the Jawas

    Empire Strikes Back Series 1
    11 - Boba Fett
    73 - A Gathering of Evils **LOOKING FOR MULTIPLE COPIES*** (3)

    Return of the Jedi Series 1
    13 - Court of Evil

    Return of the Jedi Series 2
    146 - R2-D2 on Endor

    I would rather get all of them from the same person if possible to save on shipping but even if you have one of the cards on my list LMK and we can work out a deal.

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    I have ROTJ 13 - Court of Evil. Condition of the card is very good and crisp. I too need some cards for my ROTJ deck. If you have them let me know what we can do for a trade? Series 1: 36, 39, 93, 124. Series 2: 155, 159, 176, 206, 209, 211, 212, 216, 219.

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