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Thread: Monster-Mania Con 25, Cherry Hill, NJ: August 16-18, 2013

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    Monster-Mania Con 25, Cherry Hill, NJ: August 16-18, 2013

    With the SyNySciFiCon cancelled, I was very happy to learn about this one in Cherry Hill, NJ, taking place the same weekend:

    Monster-Mania Con Horror convention/ Semi-annual Philadelphia horror film and memorabilia convention

    At this point, Star Wars guests include Carrie Fisher and Sam Witwer. Other scheduled guests include Malcolm McDowell, Sam Huntington, Jessica Clark, and Meaghan Rath, with more to be announced. (The clinchers for me are Fisher and McDowell.)

    I plan on making the 230-mile trip and spending the day there on Saturday. Anyone else going? It would be great to meet up with some Scummers in person.

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    Sounds like fun. Will be in area for NJCC may have to check this out
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    Just bought my ticket for Saturday. Definitely going.

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