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Thread: My POTF, Boba Fett and Yak Face Focuses

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    My POTF, Boba Fett and Yak Face Focuses

    I'm beginning to work on my POTF display. I have 21 more of these MOC to display somewhere though. (House too small).

    And my Boba Fett focus is growing weekly..

    here's the Yak Faces again.

    Hope you like it..
    visit and I want your YAK FACES.. PM me if you're selling..

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    That is awesome - love the Yak putting the boot in!
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    Hahaha, love the lil yak scene, nice stuff, also really like your POTF set, and nice GG jumbo fett, one of the few jumbos made pretty much floor less, cheers

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    Great collection, thanks for sharing and please keep us updated as you expand it.

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    I really do love Yak'y he's awesome I really need him MOC.
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    Prehistoric post but that potf carded set tho.

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