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Thread: Is There A Way To Block An Ebay Seller's Listings?

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    Is There A Way To Block An Ebay Seller's Listings?

    I've wondered this for some time, as I'd prefer to just block known repro sellers from even appearing in my search results and can't find an answer to it. However, the last few weeks, I've been going out of mind browsing ebay and getting hit with the almost daily ebay hijacking from seller vintagestarwars4u. The guy lists individual beaters every 2-3 days, sometimes even 24 hours apart. Normally, no big deal - but this guy lists 200+ at a time, and it takes too long to just scroll past them all. Annoying is just too nice a word for clowns like this.


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    Good question!

    I'd like to block him too.

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    try this
    The top result should help.

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    The only way I know of is via advanced search, seller, exclude, <username>. I don't think you can permanently block someone, but I could be wrong. It's a pain since you have to do it every time you search.

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    I do it like Warped suggested, then bookmarked the search result page.
    If you want to do another search just bring up the bookmarked page, and replace the search field at the top with a new search, that'll keep the blocked seller(s).

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    Recently had a problem with that seller got me quite stressed out!

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